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Jim & Katarina Garner own and operate J. Garner Photography and GoBoda.  We love working with Jim, Katarina, and their team.  Not only is Jim considered one of the top wedding photographers in the world, he and Katarina are just plain great to work with.

Last month, we were invited to give a short presentation on bookkeeping systems at a private seminar for approximately 20 first-class photographers that Jim and Katarina hosted from around the country.

Our presentation touched on two important aspects of a operating a business:

  • starting with the end in mind by creating a company vision, mission, and core values
  • building and implementing systems to manage the day-to-day basics of bookkeeping and finance


The attached pdf, Strategic Bookkeeping 101-Go Boda Workshop May 2010,  is the presentation we gave.  It highlights our team members and shares the System Six company vision, mission, and core values. It contains a few of the key fundamentals we have found that help small business owners focus on increasing revenue, managing expenses, and tracking toward achieving goals.

We wish you the best of success.  Let us know if you have questions by sending an email to System Six.

* Jim Garner commonly presents lectures at industry trade shows around the country and his photographs have been on the cover of several magazines.  He excels in making photography a beautiful art and provides tremendous value, inspiration, and joy to his clients and peers. 

Jim & Katarina recently launched GoBoda, a company focused on designing and manufacturing some of the photography industry’s leading camera bags. 

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