System Six Bookkeeping is a good idea.
We take a unique approach to bookkeeping for small businesses.

Starting with our team, we have over 45 years of combined experience, we provide the necessary expertise for managing your day-to-day finances. Additionally, by taking a team approach, our clients are not dependent on one individual to perform all aspects of the bookkeeping and are never left without solutions due to vacation, retirement, sickness, or unexpected emergencies.

System Six further differentiates ourselves by creating a culture that attracts and retains exceptional team members, dynamic clients, and strategic referral partners who are leaders in their fields.  We highly value the individuals who make our team, and never cease to take advantage of an opportunity to celebrate a significant milestone, both personally and professionally, realizing that our continued success is deeply dependent on the contribution of those we come in contact with every day.

We invite you to learn more about the services we offer and the ways we can partner with you to help you achieve your business goals.  Contact us today, we’re confident you will notice the System Six difference!

Thank you.  Here’s to yours, and our success, together!

Jeremy Allen
Founding Partner
Seattle, WA