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Phase 1 – Discovery

In the Discovery process, we perform a diagnostic review of your QuickBooks file(s) and related bookkeeping and accounting processes. We will be reviewing the file(s) for accuracy, aiming to understand existing business processes like how income is recorded, bill pay, any state and city tax filings, expense categorization, payroll, etc. During Discovery, we will also be looking for ways to improve and streamline financial processes and implement bookkeeping best practices, if we were to engage working together long-term. After the Discovery Process is complete, we will report back to you our findings along with estimates for the next three phases.

Phase 2 – Catch-up/Clean-up

After Discovery is complete, any catch-up/clean-up work needed will be presented to client for approval, and will be completed on an hourly basis.  Work like entering historic transactions, performing reconciliations, editing or re-aligning the chart of accounts for better reporting, correcting balance sheet issues, etc. is considered catch-up/clean-up.

Phase 3 – Process Improvements

After Discovery is complete, process improvements needed for System Six to be able to serve long-term are presented to client for approval, and if approved, are completed on an hourly basis. Common process improvements include migrating to QuickBooks Online, implementing an electronic bill payment service like Bill.com, expense management software like Expensify.com, and reporting tools like Fathom.com.  Other process improvements include reducing manual or double data entry by building import and automation tools.

Phase 4 – Ongoing Weekly Bookkeeping

After Discovery is complete, an estimate will be provided for ongoing weekly bookkeeping. If the client decides to engage in ongoing weekly bookkeeping together, a comprehensive checklist is developed outlining processes and tasks, clearly identifying System Six responsibilities and Client responsibilities. Depending on our current workload, we can usually begin ongoing bookkeeping within a few weeks of engagement.
Typical Cost: $200-600/week

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