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A team-based approach to bookkeeping for small businesses.

Life happens, and businesses or organizations need to keep moving forward even when an individual bookkeeper plans a vacation, retirement, experiences sickness, or an unexpected emergency comes-up. Every client engagement is custom tailored and built around a team-based approach. We help ensure our clients are never dependent on any one individual for bookkeeping and financial support, and that they always have access to the data they need, when they need it. We document processes thoroughly, use industry-leading cloud-based software and services, and cross-train our team to deliver excellent, consistent, and dependable support that our clients can count on, year after year.

We do more than just historical record keeping.

Small business owners are busy.  When your revenues are several hundred thousand to a few million dollars a year, managing growth, employees, and finances can be several full time jobs. One of our clients was paying overdraft fees and didn’t know it.  Their previous bookkeeper was tracking the fees, but was not bringing it to the owners attention. System Six identified the overdraft fees and worked with our client to help them establish a new overdraft line of credit, saving them over $700 a month in overdraft fees.

Get the peace of mind and greater level of control necessary for creating a business that supports your life rather than having your life revolve around your business.

System Six provides you with the critical foundation for capturing your daily, weekly, and monthly financial activity.  This saves you money and provides you with a foundation of sound financial data needed in order to navigate your business toward growth and profitability.  Check out our Yelp Reviews to learn about how we help our clients.  Get Started today to see if we can support you and your business.

Put our team to work for you.

With our team-based approach to bookkeeping, you’re getting a full complement of experts all working to simplify and improve your business. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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